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Focus Areas

One Love Movement partners with nonprofits and social causes to build awareness and raise funding for their efforts.

Our areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Child Welfare

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • K-12 Education

  • Social Services

Kim’s Korean baby passport

Kim’s Korean baby passport

Kim with Pastor Lee, Baby Drop Box

Kim with Pastor Lee, Baby Drop Box

Kim at the babies orphanage in Eastern Social Welfare

Kim at the babies orphanage in Eastern Social Welfare


One Love Seoul, South Korea

The journey back to Seoul for the first time since being adopted - Story captured here.

Message from our Founder, Kim Bauman

My dream is to find my birth mom, the foster family, the doctor who me in, the social worker, anyone from that first year as an orphan. I want to go back to volunteer, and create a One Love project to help the kids living there whose shoes I was once in.

Baby Drop Box: We are so excited to be supporting this purposeful project created by Pastor Lee. This man has saved 1,505 abandoned babies in Seoul over the past 10 years. In fact, a few days before I had arrived (12/06/2018) baby # 1,505 was dropped. The Baby Drop Box is a safe place for moms to leave their babies. Watch the trailer on the world-renowned documentary. Learn WHY moms abandon their babies in Korea, read PART 1 and PART 2 on our blog.

EASTERN SOCIAL WELFARE, the org. that took care of me in 1975, today takes in 500 abandoned babies/year. Funds raised will aid in helping abandoned babies like these 500!

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One Love in Schools

A project that supports anti-bullying, LGBTQ, transgender, and gender equality with elementary-age kids as well as mindful practices.

Funds will go to support rollout of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation's Welcoming Schools Anti-bullying Program in Florence Elementary, Hillcrest San Diego.


One Love India

Fiduciary for a shelter in Bangalore, India, that's home to 17 boys. We stand by each boy through young adulthood or as needed, and provide all we can to give them a better life. Watch our video

Improvement of surroundings and infrastructure to 36 under-developed schools in India


One Love San Fran

A project that supports street kids in San Francisco. There are a multitude of reasons why a kid may be homeless, perhaps their parents were incarcerated, perhaps they are poor or got mixed up with the wrong crowd, or maybe they are neither but they are bullied in their own home for being who they are.


One Love Puerto Rico

Too many Puerto Ricans continue to suffer without electrical power and the basic necessities. Impact a family directly by donating to a small group of volunteers who work face-to-face with families affected. We are supporting families who's homes were leveled from Hurricane Maria.


One Love Tanzania

Worked with organizations in the Morogoro region that support village kids, an orphanage ages 0-10, kids living with HIV and children who have been disowned due to physical and mental disabilities. 


One Love Haiti

Contributed over $21,000 to rebuild Haiti after the devastation from the 2010 earthquake.

One Love San Diego

Rehabilitation for sex-trafficked victims

Assistance with transition-age foster youth coming out of the system as juveniles and into adulthood

Computers and other learning tools to assist refugee kids, along with support fitting into our community, from tutoring to English-speaking classes, to fun outings to get them involved and connected

Education and program support for young teen moms

Promoting overall health and well-being for foster youth

Outdoor field trips and education for inner-city youth

Wish-granted concerts to kids with severe trauma

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