To continue the cycle of compassionate action, we broadcast unique and inspiring voices of the movement. 


One Love Heroes: A podcast about ordinary people being everyday heroes

Hosted by The One Love Movement founder, Kim Bauman


Episode #6: Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our next episode


Episode #5: Natalie Jill

Natalie has inspired millions by just sharing her story about losing her house, being overweight and going through a divorce while pregnant. Natalie talks about overcoming the mind-chatter, the limited beliefs, and her life path leading her to specialize in weight loss .


Episode #4: Laura Sykora

Enjoy this episode with the fun, light-hearted, Laura Sykora who is an internationally-known yoga teacher from New Jersey, who titles herself, "just a Mom". 


Episode #3: Jason Mraz

"I'm Yours"... the catchy tune we can't get out of our heads by the one and only Jason Mraz! Jason talks about pieces of his life to include high school, the making of "I'm Yours", how he proposed to his wife..... and much more! 


Episode #2: Seane Corn

Seane's organization, Off the Mat Into the World, is the reason the One Love Movement exists today. I found my life's purpose through working with them back in 2011. Because of this it is with my most grateful heart ever that I present to you Seane Corn.


Episode #1: Kathryn Budig

I met Kathryn in 2014 and instantly fell in love with how real she was. It's easy to think that the people you look up to walk on water. Seeing Kathryn live out loud & true to herself has made her my hero for authenticity.