Our Work



One Love Movement funds a shelter in Bangalore, India, that's home to 17 boys. We stand by each boy through young adulthood or as needed, and provide all we can to give them a better life.

Our priorities are health, sanitary living, education, and lots of love. We want them to feel special, intelligent, safe, and guide them to believe in themselves. We want to instill in them that "if you can dream it, it's possible."

At the shelter, the boys live in a single room measuring about 400 square feet. It includes a hall closet-size kitchen, bathroom, and storage area. At bedtime, this one room transforms into their bedroom where they sleep on the floor. Along one wall is a set of lockers, each measuring 12" x 12". Each boy gets one locker to store all of his personal belongings.

There’s something very special about this place. You would think that living in a shelter or being malnourished would dull your inner light. You would think that not having sanitary living conditions or proper hygiene would dampen your smile. I have witnessed that it doesn’t. In fact, I’ve never seen such love and connectedness under such incredible circumstances. Circumstances that I can’t be with for more than a day, let alone the years of childhood.

Watch this heart-warming video about our One Love Shelter in India.