PART 2: the baby drop box

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PART 2: Pastor Lee's son was born with full paralysis where in order to fully breathe he has a hole in his throat to assist catching his breath. At one point, Pastor Lee took a tube and reeled it down the hole in his son's throat to suck out the phlegm he cannot fully swallow. Pastor says his son communicates with his eyes and then I got to see for myself as I created a heart shape with my pointer finger and thumb (as I’m doing in this photo), slowly his son turned his face towards me and brightened with excitement. It was the most endearing, moving moment. I was in tears from seeing how happy he was. I don’t pity him or feel sorry for him, it was magical and uplifting to experience this kind of love. Pastor went on to explain to me that his son is the foundation of his work helping kids, his son is a gift and it’s his service to the world to use this “gift” to help other kids. This is why he created the "baby drop box". The handicapped & disabled are shunned in Korean society and this is another reason why moms disown their babies and leave them. This was a stark surprise to me as in the US we celebrate the disabled, we have the Special Olympics and society is inspired by someone who has lost a limb or has paralysis. I’m so excited to take on the “baby drop box” under our One Love Seoul project. Donations raised from our 7th Annual Charity Yoga event this past 9/23/2018 will go to help babies dropped in the baby box. Being here and learning and educating myself is the biggest gift. I feel on fire to make an even bigger difference in this world, I feel inspired to play bigger and to care less about the self-judgment I place that holds me back. As much as this is a journey to give back to kids who were abandoned like I once was, it's also a journey of humbly feeding my heart and soul as it's indescribable all that I am receiving. Thank you God for my incredibly blessed and privileged life. If you missed PART 1 of the baby box story, check out the post before this. And soon to come, my conversation with Pastor Lee on One Love Heroes podcast!!!

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