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Hello there! I'm Kim Bauman, Founder of One Love Movement. Here's why One Love was created..... thank you for reading my story. 

In 2012 I went on a humanitarian trip to Haiti as the result of raising over $21,000 in 6 months for Off the Mat, Into the World's Global SEVA Challenge 2011. Upon raising the money I got sponsored to go to Haiti and witness first-hand the funds being used to rebuild Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. This was THE changing point in my life. We volunteered in tent camps home to thousands (meaning 40-60,000 people) and orphanages where many of the kids had either grown up or had been displaced from the earthquake. 

We were volunteering at one of the orphanages and there I had learned that some of the older kids had been there since infancy. My mind began to swirl with their story, their lives, wondering what it was like for them, with incredible feelings of empathy and compassion. I was deeply, deeply touched and it dawned on me why.... for the first time in my life I had realized my own circumstances, and that was that I was them. I was abandoned as a baby in Seoul Korea, but unlike them, I was adopted into a loving family. This is the first time I had realized how blessed I was as up until then I had never been exposed to such rawness to appreciate all that I had. Spending time with these kids in Haiti is what drew me to my calling -- to help kids I see myself in.

There was no reason growing up in an orphanage couldn't have been my path. Nobody gets to choose what they are born into. I oftentimes ask myself "why me, why did I get picked for a better life when I’m no better than they are?" One Love Movement was created because I believe it is my duty & purpose to advocate for the kids I could have been and make a difference in the dignity and humanity of their own life.


The Bio

Kim Bauman has been a yoga teacher since 2009, and founded One Love Movement in 2012 upon realizing her purpose in life, to advocate for social justice for kids who don’t have a voice. She has taught yoga at events upwards of 600+ in attendance, in 2015 was invited to speak at Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation for Compassion and lead the yoga class after Deepak’s meditation and in 2018 was invited to tour with Kerri Walsh Jennings’s p1440 as the event’s yoga teacher.

Kim has appeared and had mentions on NBC, CBS, ABC, KUSI, The New York Times, San Diego Magazine, Pacific Magazine/DiscoverSD, The SD Union Tribune, SD Reader, Yoga Digest, Ranch & Coast Magazine, The Del Mar Times; keynote speaker for The Chopra Center, Lawrence Welk Resorts, Hera Hub, Oliver McMillan; an honoree for the 2016 Tony Gwynn Lasting Legacy & Inspiration Award; and a lululemon ambassador.

With a passion to share people’s stories, Kim created a podcast & live event which kicked off with guests: Jason Mraz, Academy Awards movie producer Charles Roven, 3x Gold Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings, Michael Franti, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig.

Her nonprofit, One Love Movement, raises money & awareness advocating for kids world-wide with past & current projects focused in San Diego, San Francisco, Haiti, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, India, and Seoul Korea.

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