Get Involved


Why get involved with One Love Movement?

Participate, show up, feel good about giving. If you would like to get involved, help us raise awareness for what we do or funds to support our projects. Put together a small event, a dinner with your friends, or make it an online effort and feel good about giving. It doesn’t have to be grandiose but it can be. You decide what you have the time for, hone in on your natural talents and tap into your resources.

We are helping to advance social justice within communities on a global level in cities such as San Diego and San Francisco in the U.S. and world-wide in India and South Korea with past projects in Tanzania, Uganda, and Haiti. Help us contribute and sustain these projects by raising awareness and money. 

simple and fun ideas TO GET INVOLVED

You matter in all of this. One Love Movement is community-run, meaning it’s each of you coming together, volunteering, and being of service that makes it possible for us to help kids, reach those far & wide, and help people that are under-represented or who suffer from social justice. Below are some ideas to spark your creativity and get you started! But know that the sky is the limit, so come up with your own idea, go as big as you want, or simply take from this list.

  • Host donation fitness classes - if you’re a fitness instructor, designate a class that’s donation-based or ask your favorite teacher to partner on a donation event with you

  • Spread the word on social media - start a challenge that raises awareness

  • Volunteer at one of our events

  • Share One Love with your company or workplace and be an advocate for one of our projects

  • Do you have a marketing talent, storytelling talent, or resource you’d like to offer up? Tell us what you are good at or love to do and maybe we have the need!

  • Participate in an Athletic Event; i.e. a Walk, Marathon, Triathlon, Cycling - ask your community to sponsor you, letting them know you’re ‘walking’ for kids and that the money you raise will go to One Love, helping advance social justice for kids

  • Birthday/Holiday Fundraiser - ask friends to donate in lieu of gifts

  • Online Auction/Yard Sale - donate a portion of your sales

  • Interactive Video Fundraiser - Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

  • Throw a donation-based dinner party or happy hour and share about One Love and where the money is going

  • Email or social media fundraiser - start an email or post and ask people to donate and tag their friends to share the love

If you need a fundraising platform, we’ve started one for you here

1. Visit the One Love Movement CrowdRise page and click "Create a Fundraiser" to start your campaign.

2. Give your campaign a name, tell everyone the story WHY you are raising money, and add photos. Make it fun!

3. Invite friends, family and others to join you.

4. Thank all of those who supported your campaign!

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