Our Community & Partners

We are humbled to have the support of these businesses, organizations, and individuals. THANK YOU.


Olive Creative Strategies

Feeling valued is an understatement for the support we've received from the Olive family. 

One of the most generous, creative, professional teams we've ever worked with. 


A movement created by 3x Olympic Gold Medalist and most acknowledged volleyball player of all times, Kerri Walsh-Jennings.

We are incredibly honored for this partnership.


Seane Corn

The first guest on our live One Love Heroes talk show Nov 2017. Listen to our interview with Seane.


Jason Mraz

We have the utmost respect for this humanitarian. Listen to our interview with Jason.

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Official ambassadorship with lululemon.

The lululemon team is like a home away from home.

Chopra Center logo.png

The Chopra Center

Official ambassadorship with the Chopra Center. We are incredibly honored for this relationship.

Kathryn Budig.jpg

Kathryn Budig 

Kathryn is one of those people who started it all for One Love. Her charisma, her down-to-earth way of being, and her thoughtfulness is why Kathryn has our hearts. Listen to our interview with her.

Yoga Digest.jpg

Yoga Digest

One Love Movement is the official nonprofit for Yoga Digest. This platform of connectors also produces our podcast One Love Heroes.


Laura Sykora

One of our kindest, most down-to-earth supporters. Laura is most recognizable in a handstand and on her mega-platform of 1.2 Million followers on Instagram. Listen to our interview with her.

Natalie seated.jpg

Natalie Jill

One of our biggest, most kind-hearted supporters. Natalie has gained nearly 2M followers on Facebook and 500k on Instagram by simply sharing her story of being overweight, going through a divorce while pregnant and losing her house. Listen to our interview with her.

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Kirkland & Ellis

We are eternally grateful and blessed for our probono partnership. 


Tap Room

Official food sponsor. This place has the best food & best service. We are so appreciative for your generosity. 

Gabriella Dondero.jpg

Gabriella Dondero

Gabby is all heart. We love her for a million reasons our top being her thoughtful endearing way that knows how to make people feel loved. 


Robin Martin

Robin is all-in and that's what we love about her. She is also hands-down, one of the most funny people out there!