THIS is their ripple effect

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This is me as a baby in an orphanage in Seoul Korea. My Korean name is Soon Ei Son and my American name is Kimberly Bauman. This is the start of my journey coming FULL CIRCLE. On 12/5/2018 I’ll be heading back to Seoul, Korea for the first time in my life since birth. I’ll be staying with the adoption agency that got me here today. My nonprofit, One Love Movement, will be funding a babies shelter - thanks to your donations - within the agency that facilitated my adoption and we don’t know quite yet but it could be the orphanage I was in before being adopted!!!! I’m dying and I lose it every time I think about the possibility. I’ve never been more called in my life then I am now to start this unraveling of my story. My mind has been so loud lately that I’m surprised through all the noise I was able to hear it. And the most important part of this for me is I must meet someone from my past. And I mean aaaaaanyone….. the Dr. who found me, the receptionist at the hospital, my social worker, my foster family, a caretaker at the orphanage, my birth family….. I need to meet someone. I need to look someone in the eyes and tell them thank you, and hear their story - I need them to know that they played a role in my incredibly blessed life. I need them to know that today I’ve dedicated my life to giving back and that, THIS is their ripple effect. And there’s more friends so please keep reading even though it’s long! There’s the possibility a documentarist from NBC will travel with me to tell my story!!! Holy bananas. What are the chances?! I’m just ridiculously humbled that this is even a conversation. I mean, are you kidding me?!!!!! And it’s my wish to get to meet and interview on my podcast, Pastor Lee, who founded the Baby Box, which is literally a “drop box” that has blankets and is a warm, safe, box for moms to leave their babies. Abandoning babies and leaving them on doorsteps is a phenomenon in Korea. After this pastor had a few babies left on his doorstep he decided to create a baby drop box because if it was going to happen, he wanted there to be a safe place to leave the baby. Thanks to all who follow One Love Movement. It really means the world to me. Love, Kim

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