Eastern babies home


I’ll never forget the first time I walked into this babies orphanage. It was so quiet. Yes, QUIET. There were 40 babies all side-by-side in their cubby-like cribs. Some were sleeping, some were awake but entertaining themselves happily in their crib, some were hanging out on the floor and a few were being fed. How on Earth was it quiet with 4o babies in one room???!!!

This is one of my happy places in Seoul, the Eastern babies home which is an orphanage at Eastern Social Welfare, my international adoption agency. Babies in this orphanage are either in-line for adoption or waiting for a foster home and it’s so adorable seeing rows of babies, side-by-side in wooden cubbies large enough for a baby to stretch their arms and legs.

This orphanage is impressive, it’s cleaner than my house, so well-organized from the timely bottle feedings and baths to the neatly folded towels and clothes. It’s seriously one of the sweetest sights seeing so many babies so meticulously cared for. For starters I had to take a bunch of blood tests and get a doctor signed form from home before getting approval to volunteer. Every time you check in to volunteer you have to take your temperature to make sure you’re not coming down with anything, then you grab an apron, then you wash your hands, then you sanitize your hands.

me with fellow volunteer, Carol, from the U.K.

me with fellow volunteer, Carol, from the U.K.

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