on a thank you journey

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I’m starting to realize that I may not get my way. I have to remember that there’s always a much bigger plan than my human brain can fathom so it’s on me to find that balance between giving my heart to something and letting go at the exact same time. I’m on a “THANK YOU Journey”. In my dream world I find everyone I’ve named below, I get to meet them, we laugh together, we drink coffee together, we cry together and I get to look each of them in the eyes and say “THANK YOU, without you I wouldn’t have this life, my work is your ripple effect and I want you to know that you matter to me.” That’s my dream world but in the real world, it’s as if these people don’t exist. There is noooothing to be found on them and I can only control so much. Sometimes in life we don’t get to say good bye, sometimes in life we don’t get a second chance, sometimes in life we don’t get our way so I need to be open with how my story unravels and I’ve decided I’m going to say thank you even if I can’t find any of these people. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting just to say those words, and then I realized, what am I waiting for???!!! I can still do it! So without further ado, here are some of the people who were a part of my adoption process that I want to acknowledge. To each of you named below… where ever you are in the world I hope you feel loved and I pray someone inspired a part of your story like how you did mine.


My birth mom & dad
Dr. Cha - the doctor my birth mom asked to take me to a safe place
Mr. Kim, Dae Shik - my legal guardian as an orphan
Kim, Young Bok - document worker and translator of my paperwork
Ms. Kim, Hyeong Ja - my foster mom
Ms. Choi, Hye Hyun - the social worker who recommended me for adoption, she said I was happy and smiley and only cried if I was hungry or had a dirty diaper, she also made a note that she could tell I was smart!
Ott, Young Lan - the person who escorted me from Korea to my parents in the U.S.

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