a little bit about my birth mom

I found out about my birth mom for the first time when I got to look at my adoption file. She was 30 years old when she had me, single and poor & my birth dad was 43 and unemployed. They were not together. Wow. I’m so struck by all of this and grateful my mom carried me to term when she didn’t have the resources or support to do so!!! I feel so loved knowing her struggle to make sure I got to live😪❤️ She’s my true hero. The agency kept my mom’s sir name, Son, for me when naming me. I love that they did that. But I don’t know my mom’s first name and apparently her first name IS documented but due to certain laws, back then she did not approve herself to be identified so that information cannot be released. I was also told that she was likely not even asked because of the quick nature of her abandoning me, and in 1975 documentation was way less sophisticated, but today the law says they cannot release. This feels so unfair to me because I’m her daughter so don’t I have the right to know who my own mom is?! I also found out that I was never in an orphanage, I was born on May 13th and my mom actually asked a doctor to take me and bring me somewhere safe because she couldn’t take care of me. On May 14th I was taken to Eastern adoption agency and immediately went to a foster family until being adopted at 7 months. I came to the United States November 1975. This photo is not of me as a baby but of my older sister Kari, also adopted from Korea. The reason this photo was in my file is because my mom & dad were showing Eastern that they had already successfully adopted another child and were proving their stability and safe home to adopt another. I have so many more discoveries to share. Stay tuned as I journal more 🙌🏼

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